About Izzy

Introducing our new Union Mascot - Izzy the Brunersaurus!

Get ready to roar with excitement as we unveil the newest star of Team Brunel – our lovable dino mascot - Izzy!

Get ready to see Izzy at all the biggest events of the year - she'll be cheering on TeamBrunel from the sidelines, making appearances at Graduation in her hat and gown, and even make the occasional appearance in The Venue on nights out!

Our new mascot, a cute and endearing Brunersaurus, embodies the essence of unity, team spirit, and community engagement, promising to be a true fan favorite. Izzy is a delightful addition to our union, symbolizing not only our values but also serving as a lovable embodiment of our rich history.

Izzy the Dinosaur, Brunel's Mascot

You may well be wondering - "thats nice, but why a dinosaur?"

Well, Izzy has a long history which dates all the way back to 1960, when she was originally created by a group of students including biologists, engineers, and a bunch of "mad first-year electricals". Back then, she was made of solid fiberglass and metal, and completely covered in paper mache! With dedication and hard work, Izzy was brought to life, adorned with gloves for hands, plasticine features, and ping pong ball eyes.

Izzy's popularity skyrocketed on campus, but she also became a prime target for inter-college mascot raids. From 1960 to 1978, Izzy was stolen, recaptured, and sometimes embroiled in adventurous sagas that became legendary among students.

Izzy's escapades were not just limited to campus boundaries. In 1969, she made a surprise appearance at Graduation, dressed in a graduation gown while perched on the roof of the Lecture Centre. She also ventured into London, visiting iconic locations such as the Euston Parcels Office, Acton Technical College, the Thames Embankments, and the Natural History Museum. She even tried her hand at scuba diving, with records indicating an underwater exploration of the university pond in 1975!

Black and White photos of Izzy on campus years ago.

A Triumphant Return!

Fast forward to 2023, and the spirit of Izzy rises again! As the official mascot of the Union of Brunel Students, she symbolises the unwavering spirit of unity, adventure, and resilience that has been a hallmark of generations of students at Brunel.

Izzy is more than just a character; she's a community ambassador. You'll see our friendly Dino engaging with fans at games, community events, and other on-campus functions. Whether it's giving high-fives, posing for photos, or joining local events, our mascot will be an integral part of our community.

With a fresh new look, Izzy is back, ready to embrace a new era of daring escapades and unforgettable memories. She's set to become a fixture at campus events, rekindling an important link between our past and future.

The Union of Brunel Students welcomes Izzy's triumphant return with open arms and invites everyone to be a part of her journey. Hold onto your seats, because the legend of Izzy has been reborn and it's about to take the campus by storm!

Our Izzy toy mascot

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